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NLP Master Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner training is about accelerating your pathway towards mastery in your personal and professional life.

Achieving conscious competence in the selection and application of NLP skills, tools and approaches. Learning how to apply the NLP model in a fluid and seamless manner which reflects the ‘systemic’ nature of both the NLP framework, and the organic nature of the person, group, or organisation you are interacting with.

What will I learn?

  • Acquire additional skills, tools and competencies including Meta Programs,
  • Modelling and accessing unconscious resources to realise behavioural excellence
  • Redefine your leadership potential and galvanise the support of teams and individuals through the artistic application of advanced language patterns

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Foundations of Mastery – Structure of mastery; Reflective journals; Well Formedness characteristics; Diagnostics; Practice groups.

Module 2: What’s important? – Value elicitation; Value hierarchy; Values conflict resolution; Value realignment.

Module 3: Advanced Diagnosis and Core Skill Development – Diagnostic strategies; Covert and direct approaches; Testing; Advanced Present State V Desired State diagnosis; Contrastive analysis.

Module 4: Transformational Language Skills – Advanced Meta Model; Milton Model; Conversational application of Meta and Milton model patterns; Linguistic strategies of influence. Metaphors. 4Mat system & presentations. Sleight of Mouth.

Module 5: Meta Programs – Primary and secondary Motivational + Characteral Meta Programs. Elicitation of meta programs in self / others. Utilisation of meta Programs.

Module 6: Delivering Excellence through Modelling – Modelling frameworks; Implicit and explicit modelling; Applications; Patterns; Strategies; Minimisation Training.

Module 7: Personal Mastery and NLP New Code – TimeLine Therapy. Choice point identification; Personal congruence indicators; Performance states; Accessing inner wisdom; Congruency.

Module 8: Competency Integration, Coaching and Assessment – By this point your ability to fluidly utilise both pre-existing and new NLP competencies will be evident at the conscious level, yet you will be amazed how you can now also demonstrate unconsciously.

The above is just a brief taster of some of the topics covered in the Master Practitioner Course, to get the true benefit you will need to be part of the course in order that  you can get to experience the value of it’s content first hand.

So now imagine how you will feel when you discover that the Master Course facilitates new skills/tools that lead you on a pathway towards personal mastery.

Criteria to attend

I am strict about the standard of criteria I expect from you in order to attend this course. I only accept applicants who have been practising as a’hands on Practitioner ‘ for two full years. This is because I need to know you can demonstrate to me that you are fully competent regarding ‘ all subject matters ‘ at Practitioner level and are ready to move to Master Practitioner status. The exception to the rule is if you have attended my Practitioner training then you may apply to attend Master Practitioner after being out in the field for one year.


To some this may seem tough, to me I see it as making sure you earn the title , because when we part you need to know ( as do I ) your certificate is a representation of you exceeding in excellence and worthy of the title of Master Practitioner.