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NLP Courses

NLP training is about achieving conscious competence in the selection and application of NLP skills, tools and approaches.

Learning how to apply the NLP model in a fluid and seamless manner which reflects the ‘systemic’ nature of both the NLP framework, and the organic nature of the person, group, or organisation you are interacting with.

Acquiring additional skills, tools and competencies including Meta Programs, modelling and accessing unconscious resources to realise behavioural excellence. Redefine your leadership potential and galvanise the support of teams and individuals through the artistic application of advanced language patterns.


Attending our courses

What’s expected from you

All I expect from you is to have completed registration forms, any pre attendance instructions, come with an open mind with a willingness to learn. Your course requires you to participate in exercises/games and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, support your fellow students,  complete given tasks, complete written test papers, and have fun on this exciting journey of learning.

What do I need to bring?

Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Rubbers, A4 lined note pad, your packed lunch and more importantly yourself. In fact bring whatever you need to make your day pleasurable, so if you need to bring a cushion, then please do so because you will enjoy your course far more if you feel comfortable. Oh, one more thing – if you use reading glasses – remember to bring them as well.

You will need to provide your own packed lunch, along with refreshments of your choosing for the duration of each day.

What’s provided?

Clip boards, manuals , scripts , additional training material, books relevant to your particular course . This provides you with resources that you can refer back to once we have parted, and allows you to write your own notes in margins, or highlight certain text – which personally I believe makes for a better learning experience. Rest assured you will be given all that you need for your course.

Bottled water, tea & coffee and snacks will be made available.

In line with Covid 19 –  ppe including hand gel will be provided on site.