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An example of a typical training day

So what will it be like when I attend training?

First of all you will be made to feel most welcome, remember everyone will be just like you, excited, keen to learn, and with some apprehension . Rest assured you will be among similar minded people who share the same mindset – to learn, become proficient and subsequently gain certification.

Now would be a good idea to share some additional information with regards to attending courses.

What to wear

Wear comfortable (layered) clothing, flat shoes/trainers (no high heels).

Consideration to others with mobile phones devices

Considering switching your ring/text tones to discreet mode would be well received. If you need to take an urgent incoming or make an outgoing call please leave the room. There will be frequent comfort breaks throughout the day, so if you can make calls during breaks it would be much appreciated by all.

Eating arrangements

Tea, Coffee , Bottled Water and snacks are freely available.

A kitchen with fridge, microwave, plates/dishes/cutlery/cups is available for your use as you will need to bring your own packed lunch. If you are diabetic and require timed/additional or adjusted breaks please let me know in advance as I can pre-accommodate your needs in class comfort break/lunch break timings. During summer months (or when the weather is acceptable) outdoor facilities are available in the garden, such as outdoor furniture for relaxing and making new friends/contacts.


A couple of parking spaces are available directly on-site, thereafter free off-site (on the road) parking is available with no restrictions.

Course times

On the first day we aim to start at 10am, allowing for everyone to arrive and introduce themselves to one another. We also aim to leave around 4.00/4.30pm on the first day to enable people to become familiar with their journey home or to be able to check into hotel accommodation if they are opting to stay local. Thereafter we will be starting at 9.30am and finishing around 4.30pm providing we are on track, though you should be willing to be flexible regarding leaving a little later, particularly if we are in exercise mode and more time is needed for a fellow student to complete their task/exercise.

None attendance

Sometimes things happen, and no amount of pre-empting/preparation makes the slightest difference to an unforeseen event. In such circumstances I will do all I can to make sure you still get to your end goal – even if this means additional homework/tasking/written tests. So if you cannot attend a day or are going to be late ( for whatever reason), call me as soon as you know. By doing so the criteria of the day can be adjusted to enable you to catch up

Tasks/role play

You will be expected to partake in these, they are part of the course criteria. Simply put – if you don’t want to partake in assigned tasks/role play, please look at finding another course to attend because I will be unable to certify you if you have not completed all levels to demonstrate proficiency, knowledge and understanding. To put your mind at rest – ALL tasks/role play exercises are fun and designed for learning as well as feedback from me and the group so you can better yourself. Embrace it – you are here to learn. With that in mind, leaving your comfort zone is part and parcel of the process.


Tasks/homework and 1-2-1’s

During the course there will be written tests and some homework, these are for you to find out what you know and should be welcomed. 1-2-1 is designed so you can be put in the ‘hot seat’ where thinking on your feet both consciously and unconsciously become instinctive. You’ll be amazed by your own ability and will find this very rewarding because you, just like other group members, will hear and see yourselves interacting with one another in as near to ‘true to life’ scenarios as possible and exceeding expectations.


On occasions we may look to film a practice session. Signed consent will always be requested before any filming takes place, and has no bearing on the certification process. Should anyone be uncomfortable with group filming then no filming will take place regardless of whether other attendee’s gave consent.


When you’ve reached the level to be issued with certification you will receive a framed certificate (complete with seal of authenticity) which you can then proudly display with the title of either ‘NLP Practitioner’ or ‘NLP Master Practitioner’ dependant on the course you attended. This is then followed by a celebration with your fellow students where photographs will be taken marking your achievement.

Feedback Forms

Once certified you will be asked to complete a feedback form to enable you to freely share your opinion of the course. By asking for this information AFTER you are certified it allows students to speak openly about their experience knowing it has had no influence on the student’s progression to certification.

So yes, all feedback is encouraged (good and bad) and if you are more comfortable maintaining anonymity, that’s fine too.

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