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Terms & Conditions

In consideration of the agreements made herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, each party shall agree as follows:

1. Definitions

For the purposes of these terms:

Headings, Number and Gender. The headings of sections and paragraphs are inserted for convenience only and shall not be deemed to constitute part of this agreement or to affect the construction thereof. The use in this agreement of singular, plural, masculine, feminine and neuter pronouns shall include the others as the context may require.

‘ We’ and ‘us’ means the training provider of the training/services given to you.

‘You’ means the student receiving the services.

‘Course’ means an attendance or home study portions of a course or any part of a course designed and developed by us including all revisions and updates to such course as we may make from time to time.

‘Course Materials’ means the physical materials relating to any one course, together with all revisions and updates made by us from time to time, which may be in any format and which are required by the student to complete the course. The words are used for overview purposes therefore you will only receive course material relevant to your course and not all course materials listed.

2. Responsibility for Course Materials

We affirm that the course materials will meet a satisfactory level of quality however; we do not affirm that they will be error free and we have the right to substitute reading material/books/manuals provided.

You will be responsible for inspecting the course materials as soon as is reasonably possible following issue or delivery. Furthermore, you will be responsible for informing us about any oversights as soon as possible.

If you lose or damage your course materials and need replacement these will attract nominal charge.

3. Absence from a course

If you are intending to take leave from your attendance course for a known period of time you must notify us as soon as is possible. If you fail to notify us, continuation of your course will be at our discretion. All attendance courses are built upon the previous sessions work, so all work must be covered. Depending on the course – you maybe required to either have additional work set on top of the usual course homework, and/or if required , to repeat the missed section of the course on a later course date. However we will work with you to resolve the issue in the best practice.

Absence due to occasional illness will not carry any additional charges but missed hours will need to be clawed back.

4. Cancellation and Refunds

According to the Distance Selling Regulations 2000, you have a cooling off period of ten working days. This period allows you an unconditional right to cancel.

You will be required to make such a request in writing to us and at your cost return any received materials in an unused condition. We are allowed to make deductions for damaged or used materials. If  DVD’s and CD’s have been sent they will not be accepted as a  return and a universal dvd/cd cost will be deducted from the refund.

Cancellation by telephone is not accepted – other than to notify us that official cancellation documentation is being compiled/sent. Cancellation must be received by us in the form of email AND in writing by post . We suggest you send written confirmation regarding cancellation by recorded delivery for your own record.

It is now our policy that documents or materials are only dispatched  after the ten day cooling off period has elapsed. Home Study/Course Materials that need to be posted will be dispatched within five working days of the final invoice being paid. This still gives you ample time to complete the relevant amount of pre attendance study, tasking and written assignments that maybe pertinent to your course.

After the 10 day cooling off period you have no automatic right to a refund. If you decide you do not wish to attend the course after the 10 day cooling off period we will allow you to transfer to another course or consider allowing you to transfer the course to a third party less the cancellation/administration charge. (see section 5).

Should you decide you no longer wish to attend a course (for whatever reason), after the 10 day cooling off period you will are not entitled to a refund of the deposit or fees already paid.

5. Transferring a Course

We retain the sole discretion concerning whether a course may be transferred from you to a third party. Any such request must be made to us in writing. We will treat all justifiable requests as compassionately as possible but we cannot guarantee this due to allocated place numbers.

If we agree to allow you to transfer to another course, the total fees paid will be offset against the cost of the new course. However we will require that should the new course be more expensive, the person you are transferring the course to, will need to confirm in writing that they are aware of, and accept the course price increase. There will be a standard £100 administration charge on all courses transfers. It the person you were hoping to transfer the course to declines to accept the course price increase (if applicable) then your booking will revert back to cancellation procedures as stated in section 4.

6. Practical Training

The topics covered during the practical training will be as close to as possible as those stated on the website, however if we are obliged to make any minor changes to your practical training we reserve the right to do so.The topics on the website are examples of topics covered in certain courses, they may or may not be relevant to your particular course. Topics may also be covered in general terms rather than having sessions dedicated to them, this is because further reading/home work/tasking and CPD expects you to enhance your learning after time in the classroom and/or certification.

Course daily start and end times can vary according to course,module and progress, with this in mind daily start and end times may be shortened or lengthened according to training delivery need. By booking and/or attending you accept flexibility is needed to get the most from training. If you are unable to offer flexibility regarding start/end times you should look for another provider.

7. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

We warrant that we will carry out the service to you with a reasonable level of care and skill.

Any liability under any agreement between you and us shall be limited to any sums paid by you to us.

As far as permitted by law, we shall not be liable to any person for losses or damages. We shall not be liable to any person for any direct or indirect loss or damage as a result from your course enrolment. Any liability that does arise will be limited to the course fee paid.

We are by no means providing you with advice/treatment regarding health/personal problems. If you require any such advice, we recommend you seek the opinion of your doctor or any other medical practitioner. Training is delivered to you under the generalization of delivering training modules, and training modules are not designed for your diagnosis or treatment.

8. Waiver

None of the conditions or provisions of this Agreement shall be held to have been waived by either party, except by an instrument in writing signed by a duly authorized officer or representative of each party. The waiver by either party of any right hereunder or the failure to enforce at any time any of the provisions of this Agreement, or any rights with respect thereto, shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any other rights hereunder or any breach or failure of performance of the other party.

9. Payment

All outstanding fees to us must be made before course attendance and we will only issue you with a certificate/diploma of completion of a course to the level required to be certified.

10. Copyright

All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the course materials are either owned by or licensed to us by other providers, such as/via  Kudos. Copying, adaptation or any other use of all or any part of it without our express permission is strictly prohibited.

You are strictly forbidden to record the training sessions. There are only two exceptions:

1)  Hard of hearing students and those with writing difficulties; who will be requested to provide written medical evidence of their condition.

2)  Personal recording of your own student practice therapy sessions with the consent of those involved in that session and those observing.

Anyone found recording the courses will be removed and will only be allowed back at the discretion of the Directors and Principal Trainer.

11. Other Terms

We reserve the right to refuse enrolment on any of the courses we offer.

If at our discretion we afford you any relaxation of these terms, this shall in no way affect our rights under these terms and conditions.

This Agreement shall be interpreted in all respects in accordance with the law of England and Wales. The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts for the determination of any question or dispute arising in connection with this Agreement.

If the whole or any part of any clause(s) of this Agreement is or becomes invalid for any reason, that invalidity shall not affect the validity of any other provision.

You are required to notify us in writing of any changes to your postal address. Please do not send an email with changes to your personal details.

The course details, dates, times and fees on this site are accurate at the time publication, but amendments may be made from time to time without notice. If you have joined a course at certain fee that fee will be fixed and not changed; only persons joining the course after the amendment will be affected by it.

Course fees are fully inclusive of all course materials stated and light refreshments throughout course. You will need to bring pens and writing pad, packed lunch and anything else you feel will make your experience as comfortable as possible. It is also your responsibility to bring whatever medication you need for your time with us.

A minimum enrolment of students maybe required for any course to run. Kudos Consultancy Group Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or postpone until a later date any course, if there are insufficient students. If this happens a refund of the money you have already paid will be given or the option to move to the next course.

Note : When you book the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course it is a condition that you are confirming to us that you have already taken a Foundation Course, and that you will provide proof of course completion. On occasions, such as if you hold NLP certifications, we may consider allowing you to take the Diploma (L2) Course but hold back your certificate until completion of the Foundation (L1) has been completed. If this something you wish to consider special arrangements will need to be made so please discuss with us before booking the Diploma (L2) course. Rest assured we will do all we can to expedite the Foundation (L1) completion if course reversal is an option.

12. Data Protection & Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your personal information secure. We will not disclose your details to any person, unless you have given your consent or we are compelled to do so by law or in response to a valid, legally compliant request by any law enforcement agency or government authority.

Registration/booking forms are held by us permanently but never shared. Medical questionnaires remain sealed and handed back to you on leaving the course. They are only opened if you should fall ill on a course. If you have a disability /health issue such as asthma/diabetes, we need to know so provision can be made for (a) knowing where you keep inhalers and (b) if breaks need to work with a dietary timetable.

13. The use of Cookies

A Cookie is a small piece of information transferred to your hard drive by the web site to support your navigation of a web site. They are widely used throughout the web to assist users who repeatedly visit a particular web site or for tracking usage of a web site. We may therefore choose to use cookies to identify repeat visitors to our web sites, to determine the path visitors take to our web sites, and where appropriate identify visitors who came to our web site as a result of an advert. Please be assured that all information we gather by the use of a cookie is compiled on an aggregate, anonymous basis.

With most Internet browsers, you can erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block all cookies or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. If you want to know how to do this please look at the help menu on your web browser.

14. Complaints Procedure

We invite regular feedback on all aspects of our training. We aim to be approachable and responsive. Complaints should be made to the course tutors in the first instance.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.